Many Pastures delivers quality pet treats from the farm to your pet.

All our pet treats are made with only one ingredient “single-sourced”

100% made and sourced in the USA

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Our Pet Treat Benefits

With a focus on all natural ingredients Many Pastures delivers quality pet treats from the farm to your pet. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pets. Many Pastures pet treats are freeze dried to lock in the freshness and maintain all the healthy nutrients that benefit your beloved pet.

The Freeze Dried Advantage

Whenever food is freeze dried at an ultra-low temperature, it is flashed first. Next, a vacuum process removes all of the moisture for the product. Because bacteria and other microorganisms need water to survive, the preservation of freeze-dried pet treats is safe without the need for harsh preservatives or unnecessary additives.

Freeze dried pet treats are super easy to feed, are mess-free and what’s best, they are a great healthy pet treat for your dog or cat. This is especially important for pet owners who want a raw diet to feed their beloved dog or cat.

Who We Are

With a focus on all-natural ingredients Many Pastures delivers high quality pet treats from ingredients that are sourced from the Midwest (USA only), manufactured in a USDA inspected plant in the Midwest, and package by me.

Quality Pet Treats

We do not add anything to our pet treats. That means NOTHING, no fillers, no dyes, no preservatives, or sprays. We are truly a single ingredient treat.

Fresh Pet Treats

All our products are made in smaller batches to ensure on quality and freshness. Our natural ingredients are selected carefully from across the midwest. Give your pets the freshness they deserve.

Local Pet Treats

We pride ourselves on sourcing from the Midwest (only USA) and working with local farmers whenever possibles.

Healthy Pet Treats

We love our pets just like you which is why we know that there is nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of your dog or cat.

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